Travis Meinolf

Travis MeinolfTravis Meinolf is a weaver from San Francisco, currently living in Berlin, Germany, with an MFA in Textiles and Social Practice from California College of the Arts, awarded 2008. His thesis, Common Goods, is archived at the Vancouver Art Gallery, SFMOMA, and Gladstone Gallery, New York, because of its pretty pictures.

1. ‘Art and Socialism‘ a talk delivered by William Morris to the Leicester Secular Society in 1884, and many others including Art and labour…can be found on the Morris section of the archives

2.’Spaces of Hope’ by David Harvey, part of a series, California Studies in Critical Human Geography…Also ‘the Condition of Post-Modernity’. Harvey does such an excellent job giving background to his arguments. Really, any book by him offers great insight that is applicable to all cultural production.

3. ‘Essay on Liberation’ by Herbert Marcuse and his opus ‘One-Dimensional Man’ and all the critique and response that comes out of that work over the next few decades.

Maybe this stuff is  a bit naive to suggest, I’d also (for textile enthusiasts) go into more specific stuff like Anni Albers’ ‘On Weaving’ and Arthur Danto’s ‘Weaving as Metaphor’ article… oh and Capital is probably a good one, too, to continue the ‘craft as revolution’ bent that I am working with. I bet Stephanie Syjuco (when we get her list) will have some good ‘craft as anti-market’ texts for you, too.


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